How to Use Raspberry Pi as Digital Signage Player with OptiSigns

26 Jun

There are various reasons as to why raspberry Pi makes such a great digital signage players and some of them have been highlighted herein. The first reason is that it happens to be very reliable having a total or more than fourteen million of them sold and also the fact that there are so many businesses that are using it in production for loT. These days, Raspberry Pi happens to one of the most reliable devices that you can find in the market. The other reason why raspberry Pi is a very good digital signage device is that it is very easy to set up and also use.

The main aim of the Raspberry Pi at this site is to teach children how to use a computer and hence it has been designed in such a manner that it is very easy to use and you can find lot of resources from the internet that can help you with that. It can also be used for supporting business large scale deployment. The Raspberry Pi is also one of the most cost efficient devices due to the fact that you can spend just fifty dollars on all the components that are required for its operation. The first thing that you should do is purchasing the Raspberry Pi ad they can easily be found on Amazon among other places.

In case you are looking forward to buying a large number of them, you can still get on Amazon at great prices. You also need to know that you will also need to buy some other components which are a micro SD card which should not be less than 8GB which should run operating systems such as OptiSigns, a case for offering protection to your TV, a mouse and keyboard which will be used for input during the initial set up and also power supply. The next thing that you should do after acquiring the device is setting up OptiSigns on it. Be sure to check it out!  

You should get a new image of raspbian boot up and then configure the network. The configuration should be for Digital signage purpose. You need to then pair your screen with OptiSign portal and then start assigning some content to it. While downloading a fresh image of raspbian you can use raspbian stretch together with the desktop and a software that is recommended to you. You will get a guide on setting up your SD card using a raspbian image. After you have finished flashing the SD card and booting up, you should then connect your network. Click this website to know more about signage, visit

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